merry xmas!

It is finally Christmas! Just past midnight over here! Kind of a sorry Christmas, but whatever. Had a nice dinner with some family. They didn’t do the whole Christmas thing, which I understand (because this is China) but it still made me kind of sad. I still have lots to do between my applications, schoolwork, and work work, but today was nice. Below picture is from one of the islands at Qiandao.


lapin lapin

Welcome, December. Hard to believe it’s already December and I’ve been here almost six months already. Got my new visa today, so I need to go to the police station tomorrow to re-register. Graduate school applications are … coming along, didn’t do too great on my midterms, and work’s picking up. That’s about it. Time seems to be moving ridiculously quickly, probably because I’m working on my portfolio and wow, I can waste hours just moving things around in InDesign.

Below’s a picture from my field trip to Qiandao, which is near Hangzhou in the province of Zhejiang. Lots of little islands over there, and there was this one bridge with a whole bunch of fish in the middle. There were actually a few portions to the bridge, each with a whole bunch of fish. Like, wow that’s a lot of fish.