a little pouch

Nope, I’m not dead and I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Wow it’s been a while since I posted anything. Busy with finals and such. Graduation is coming up, tonight is my last final, and then I have a whole host of things to do.

By the way, does anyone need a place to live during the summer in Austin? If you’re in the market for an apartment, let me know!

I haven’t done anything crafty in a while. A week or two ago I made this little pouch when I was particularly bored. Nothing too impressive.

100512 01 pouch

After tonight things should be better … I hope. Probably not though. I still have to pack, sell things, find someone to sublet. And then I have a list of Austin restaurants I have to go to before I leave and friends I need to see before we all depart. That’s okay though. I think I’d rather have too many things to do than nothing. I’d be too bored with boredom.

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a bag for a swap

Lately I’ve been participating in swaps over at swap-bot.com, which has been quite fun. For the latest swap I had to send something handmade. So … if you’re in that swap and your name is Clara, stop reading here (because I haven’t sent it yet!).

100421 01 bag straps

I have a lot of fabric, so I’m going to try to use it by sewing stuff. I found a pretty simple tutorial for a bag which you can find here that I decided to use for the swap. I think the bag came out rather nicely, but next time I make one I’ll probably change the fabric and shape.

Other stuff is in the works and hopefully my self-imposed deadlines hold fast. Now I’m off to actually do homework!

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]

some pillows bleed red

I haven’t posted in a long while, which I could blame on increased homework and studying for the GRE, but in reality I was just lazy. I had some fabric remnants from freshman year (that’s three years!) and I finally got fed up with it laying around and cut the red into pieces and sewed them together with some white cottony/plushy fabric and gray fleece. The result was a passable but boring pillow about 12″ square.

100303 01 pillow

Then, because I’m a perfectionist, I thought: That just won’t cut it. So I sewed on piece of black ribbon to make a bow. Yay. But then, because I’m also an idiot, I decided to wash it … forgetting that RED dyes tend to bleed RED, especially on WHITE. Oops.

100303 02 tiedye

The white pieces are now more of a coral/pink tie-dye. Kind of ruins the effect I was going for, but it’s not that big of a deal. All in all, I’ll live. The pillow was meant as a floor cushion for myself because I tend to do all my work (like typing this post) while sitting on the floor.

100303 03 detail

What I am annoyed about is that I washed that pillow WITH my comforter. I’ve had that comforter since I was really little and now there’s large red smears on it. Any solutions?

Happy March, everyone. Don’t be stupid like me.

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]

things – bought and made

I spent more money. But … I’ve also been doing little projects, so I think it balances out. I didn’t spend too much, and thankfully the month of September is coming to a close, because that means that my September total will (presumably) never hit the $40 mark.

090925 01 bought

Michael’s is conveniently located between work and home, which is disastrously wonderful. Because that means that after a long day at work, I can very easily cheer myself up by buying a thing or two at my favorite happy place.

There was a little silver pail, silver embroidery floss, ribbon, and moss. Yep, a bag of green moss. It’s going to get used on one of my architecture models, but I figured it was crafty enough to warrant inclusion. Wouldn’t it look darling in that pail with a little something else? In addition to the items pictured, I bought two colors of embroidery floss and more floss bobbins – my collection is steadily growing. Yikes.

090925 02 made

I then decided to make myself a pincushion, because I desperately needed one. Since I use needles as pins, when they’re laying around on my table (or the carpeted floor) they’re ridiculously difficult to find and pick up. I also made a little pouch that I’m keeping spools of thread in and two little wallet/pouch things. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to close them.

090925 03 detail

I sewed them up differently, trying to see what I liked better. The green one has a cleaner look to it, but I kind of like the “clearly handmade” look to the cream one. Debating between snap, button, and tie closures. This sewing has helped me a lot with improving my control on the sewing machine. I’m improving!

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]

finally back (sort of)

\Whew. So first week of class is over, and it’s a doozy. So far it’s pretty easy, but it’s philosophy and there’s just a ton of reading and on and on and on. Eh, not really my kind of thing. I’ve applied to a lot of places, but still no job, but I haven’t given up hope yet. So … I finally went to the computer lab on campus and got some pictures off of my camera.

Ta dah! The embroidery I’ve been working on. It’s currently far more intricate than in these pictures because I just keep working on it. There are a few places were I screwed up (this is what happens when you embroider at 4 AM) so I need to add more swirls to “fix” those areas. It’s kind of losing its clean look and becoming a bit too busy, but all-in-all I’m pretty happy with it. It’s all just chain-stitching. I expect I’ll post later when there’s more completion, when I’m finally happy with it, and when I turn it into a pillow. Hopefully I’ll get to that last stage sometime this summer, but who knows? Oh, and I almost forgot one of my favorite pictures.

090530 03 machine

It’s a sewing machine! My mother bought it for me when I was back at home as an early birthday gift. It’s just a simple beginner’s model, which is fine with me. I’d never actually used one of these things before, so it took some trial and error and I’m still not very good at using it. Anyway, it won’t be making much of an appearance as it’s staying at home for the summer, but no matter, since I have plenty of projects enough for now. In fact, this evening I finished a project which I’ll post tomorrow … if I manage to make it to the computer lab again.

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multiple firsts

Okay, so for some really odd reason, AFTER I go out and buy a new memory card reader, my old memory card reader begins to work again. Oh well. So at least I’ve been able to download those pictures. I ended up switching out the ribbon for twine because I was starting to run out of the rainbow ribbon … and I really like my rainbow ribbon! I now have four of the pouches, but I’m probably going to end up making two more before calling it quits.

At home for a week or two, so probably won’t be doing much in the way of projects. But … I did buy a new external hard drive and I’m going to try freezing my non-working hard drive, and we’ll see how much data I can get off of it. Then I’ll be able to sift through my old architecture files and work on my portfolio.

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]

first project: organization

090510 01 space

There are quite a few crafting blogs that I follow, and I find most of the projects really inspiring. however, I have one main complaint: These people do not seem real. They show photos of their workspaces, these huge tables with great lighting, cute organization, and swoon-worthy supplies. Who’s lucky enough to have all that? Not me, I’m a poor college student. Therefore, I present my workspace: the floor of my apartment, with my supplies all stuffed in a box, and books and paper everywhere.

So for my first project, I wanted to create something to organize my supplies and the scraps of my projects since I tend to begin a bunch of projects simultaneously.


  • cheap fabric rectangles: about 10″x17″
  • ribbon or cord: about 50 inches long


  • fold over (about .5″) and sew short ends of rectangle
  • fold over (about .5″) and sew long ends of rectangle
  • pull cord through long ends of rectangle
  • squinch the fabric around the cord
  • gather and voila

After a while I took a break. Got coffee with K at Spider House … for two hours. Mocha latte, yum. Anyway, it was fun, hadn’t had the chance to chat with her for almost a month. When I got back I finished it off (and watched the second Harry Potter movie as well).

I just used a piece of scrap fabric to tie around the cord so I can slide it up and down, keeping the pouch closed when not in use. It makes a keyhole where I can easily see what’s inside.

Pretty simple. All in all, completed at approximately four in the morning. I think it turned out pretty cool. But I think I need to make a few more and hang them all from a suspension rod or something for them to make a real impact.

Also, I don’t know if anyone’s noted it, but the reason why this took so ridiculously long was that I hand-sewed the fabric (back-stitched for strength, and because this fabric unravels pretty easily) and I braided the cord. With a sewing machine and any normal cord, this would’ve been simple as pie.

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]