worst long-haul flight ever

I was really excited about coming to China, and it really could be an amazing experience. But that voice in my head that’s saying “You’re an idiot” just keeps getting louder. I’m not extremely superstitious, but I am somewhat. So when I got sick on my flight from the States to China, I took that as a bad omen of things to come. And now I’m really hoping I haven’t made a huge mistake.

For perspective, my stomach is practically made of steel. I rarely throw up. I never got food poisoning in China. Or India. I’ve done long-hauls before. When I came to China a few years ago, it was my first solo long-haul and I had a middle seat. I survived that. But this time … not good. This time was also my first long-haul with American Airlines. Never again. Between the crappy food (worse than even United’s meager offerings), extremely lackluster film selection (seriously, they had maybe three watchable films on the smallest of screens), my own nerves, and the sheer uncomfortableness of the seats … I could barely sleep. And so, feeling absolutely miserable and exhausted, I got sick. So sick, I actually started crying. It was that bad. One of the other passengers I passed on the way to the back of the plane was really concerned and really freaked out.


One redeeming quality of AA? Mini bottles of wine. At the back of the plane, I stopped by and asked the flight attendants for some wine. With me looking like absolute hell, they handed me two bottles and one commented that she was surprised more people weren’t drinking, because “It’s the only way to get through these flights.” Sigh.

Moral of the story: Avoid American Airlines. But if you must fly AA for a long-haul, take advantage of the wine.

starting to feel icky

It’s finals season! Dead days, woot! Well actually, I still have one more class to go (a make-up class due to Sandy), but then I’m done with classes and can focus all my energy on my two papers. But … I feel like utter hell.

I had a major presentation last week, and wow that did me in. I’ve lost three or four pounds in the last two weeks. Also, I apparently pulled something in my neck/shoulder/arm, because it all really hurts, and my stomach is unhappy. So I’m having a hard time sleeping and have no appetite even though I need to be eating. Yeah … I am not in the mood to be writing papers. Darn school!


still not feeling too great

I’m still sick. This is about six days now. Am I getting better? Uh, not really. Is the NyQuil helping? Uh, maybe? Anyway, I’ve been going through a bunch of pictures from China (I still have a few gigs worth to sort through), and I came across one that seems to match my current predicament. Because I’m feeling kind of pitiful at the moment.

I took this picture back in July when I was traveling. Specifically, I was in the Wulingyuan district of Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province, China, and this was just some random broken mannequin along the side of the road. I had walked to the salamander reserve from my hostel, but the entrance fare was ridiculous (I think it was 100+ RMB), so I was walking back to my hostel when I saw this. It was fairly early in the morning so it was pretty empty out and I remember there was a local who stopped and watched me take pictures of the mannequin. I’m sure he thought I was nutso, probably because Chinese people only take pictures of people and not trash. Anyway, back to my point: I’m still sick and I feel like this discarded mannequin. The end.


winter cold, head cold

I woke up at 6:30 today, and for a while I couldn’t figure it if it was 6:30 AM or 6:30 PM because it was kind of dark out. After a few minutes of just thinking, I finally looked at my cell phone (which has my time on the 24-hour clock) and yep, it was 6:30 PM. Thinking about it, it kind of made sense because I went to bed pretty late (after watching some “Say Yes to the Dress” with roomie J) and because I had pulled all-nighters the previous two nights and because I was still sick. And still am sick.

I’ve only been awake for about six hours, but I am more than ready to go back to sleep. I took a long shower, made myself some chicken noodle soup, swallowed a pair of NyQuil tablets, and now I’m done. My room is toasty and sauna-y, which feels great to me (although roomie D disagrees). I don’t have much feeling in my left arm or my hands, which is kind of weird, but whatever. Off to sleep now. I hope tomorrow is better.

ugh … life et cetera

I feel ucks. School has started up again, I have no more income, and I feel kind of sickly. I’m not sick, but I think the combination of a screwed-up sleep schedule and ridiculous eating schedule (yesterday I forgot to eat dinner until around 11 pm) are kind of getting to me. Plus, I switched into a higher level class and it’s a bit tough so my head hurts. I’m quite out of practice as well, having not used Mandarin in all the time I was traveling and on break. Yikes.

Speaking of the break, the below picture is of the Great Wall of China – in miniature. Shenzhen, China, has this park called Splendid China, where they have major Chinese tourist attractions in miniature form. Quite cute. Interesting. All in all a fun few hours of walking around. I kind of wish I knew more about Chinese architecture though. Okay, so Splendid China was fun, but what happened there was kind of weird, in that I ended up spending the day/evening with three random Chinese people.

At the entrance, a girl asked me to take a picture for her. She was also traveling alone and attached herself to me/dragged me along. She was kind of annoying, but whatever. Maybe five minutes in, she asked for directions from two guys, and they said they had just arrived themselves. So … she attached us to them. I spent about six hours with them, had dinner, caught a show, et cetera. Very weird. Weirder though, Shenzhen Guy1 (at least that’s what he’s listed at in my phone) called me today. Basically he said that next time he visits Shanghai I should cook for him. Um, no. I told him I can’t cook. Back in Shenzhen I barely spoke to them because I found the whole situation kind of odd, so I didn’t think he’d try to keep in touch, especially because he’s married with a kid and all. I said very little and kept the conversation short, which I hope was hint enough of LEAVE ME ALONE, but not sure. Hopefully he loses my number. Should never have given it in the first place. Ugh.


day of recovery

I have been sick for the past few days, but today, Sunday, I can finally take some time to rest. I woke up about an hour ago and I feel all-over achy (not to mention the sneezing and coughing). Oh, and I have a giant two-inch bruise on my arm from carrying groceries. Yucks. Times like these I really wish I had something stronger than Tylenol at home.

100124 01 lunch

My lunch today reflects my current state. Orange juice for the Vitamin C … does that even help? Then leftover pizza and a cupcake for a pick-me-up. As a whole, it looks pretty discordant, but I’m sick, so blah.

Things to do: homework, laundry, cleaning, check mail, organize finances, and sleep. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m only going to be doing the last item. And I’ll probably have to skip work tomorrow, which would be the FIRST time I haven’t come in to work. Darn.

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]

hello again (sort of)

Whoops. It’s been quite a while since I last posted. Felt like I needed to write though … for fun, not essay-writing for class (because that’s not fun). For anyone reading, I feel like I should warn you that this post is pretty much just going to be me complaining. Because that’s what I do when I feel like this.

Work is work. Wow. Revelation. I feel so rundown and exhausted. Kids need to learn that it is NOT OKAY to cough in people’s faces. I haven’t been feeling too great for the past few days and I am completely blaming the kids. I give them tissues, I tell them to aim for their elbows, but nope. I get paid decently and my job isn’t bad at all, so I shouldn’t complain, but COME ON!

Usually when I go grocery shopping I go in with a short list of the things I absolutely need and then just buy whatever else sounds good at the moment. Since I haven’t been feeling well, I haven’t been feeling hungry, and therefore didn’t buy much when I went to the store. For dinner I ate a corn dog (yay microwave!) because that’s all I could really find. My lunch for tomorrow will be yet another turkey sandwich. I have eaten so many turkey sandwiches since the beginning of the semester, it’s disgusting. But if I’m buying a loaf of bread, a head of lettuce, and a container of turkey, I pretty much have to eat turkey sandwiches all week or everything goes bad/stale/icky.

I want to take NyQuil and sleep a good sleep, but then I probably wouldn’t be able to make it to my 8 AM class. That’s kind of a catch-22. If I want to be alert for class, I need a good sleep (which only NyQuil will give – darn coughing). But if I want to make it to class on time, I cannot take NyQuil (which would knock me out for at least 10 hours). Ugh.

Then there’s school. Need I say more? I cannot wait until Thanksgiving. I am going to relish that break so much. Oh, and my wallet currently has $2. It’s just past 11 PM and this college student is off to take a long hot shower, crawl into bed, and hope that the world magically turns into cotton candy in the morning.

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]