the joys of nyc apartment living


I was living in Midtown, but my lease ended at the end of June and apartment hunting in New York is crazy, so I ended up not being able to find a place … even after looking at 20 or so places. Between the places that were completely horrible to the places that were too expensive or too far from the subway to the places that I hesitated too long on to the places that just didn’t pick me, I ended up scrambling to find somewhere to live two days before my lease was up. And voila, I found my current place!

So now I’m in Tribeca. But I have eight roommates. Yes, eight roommates. The location is great, but the apartment itself is a bit rundown and totally beyond illegal (rooms are way too small and only two of the nine rooms have windows), it’s a fire hazard with the wires daisy-chained the way they are, the circuit breaker keeps getting tripped (because it’s not equipped to handle nine people and multiple air conditioners), and the place is security-compromised because most of the girls don’t lock the front door. But ya know what? It’s strangely okay with me, because I know it’s temporary and I have a deadlock on my room door. It’s like a dorm for post-college girls or a long-stay hostel, and it is kind of fun to watch¬†The Bachelorette with others, but I definitely feel far too old to be living in a place like this.

The image above isn’t from my current place, but rather from a place I visited during my ridiculous apartment hunt at the end of June. If you can’t read it, it says: “BEWARE Packages are Being Stolen / PLEASE Report Any Suspicious Activity!!!” and off to the side someone wrote “Me too! Just ordered horse shit (yes, really) and won’t share what apt I sent it to, so, thief … enjoy touching what you are :) <not a joke.” ROFLOL. And ya know what? That place was far nicer than my current shoebox and far more expensive. And ya know what? They still got some major issues.

no handstands in this elevator, please!


As seen on an elevator door in Shanghai. Warning: no leaning, no handstands, do not push the door, and do not grill the door. Wait what? The leaning and pushing I can understand, but the other two? “It is forbidden to grilled door” is just a bad translation; it should say something more to the effect of “Do not hold open the door.” But as for the handstand, they really are forbidding you from doing a handstand in the elevator. Head-scratcher that one. I never considered doing a handstand in an elevator before.

one week down

One week of vacation almost done. And not much to show for it, unfortunately. Tomorrow’s going to be a fairly busy day though, so I should have more to post this weekend. Below is a sign from a subway (metro) station. I find it weird to call it the metro, because CapMetro in Austin is for the bus system. But anyway … this sign made me crack up because in Shanghai, this really is a necessary sign. Disgusting, eh?