happy turkey day!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving yesterday! We held Thanksgiving at our apartment yesterday, so it was a bit of madness with all the cooking and food and wine and people, but all in all a fun night. Since Thanksgiving is such a quintessentially American holiday (I’m ignoring Canadian Thanksgiving … because it’s Canadian), it was fun to experience it with a bunch of people for whom this was their first Thanksgiving. And now roomie E and I will be eating turkey sandwiches ’til kingdom come. Good thing we like turkey!


toto, this ain’t new york

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Massive amounts of turkey and pie were consumed. Yum.

I went to Connecticut with the roommates for Thanksgiving, and it was great. Connecticut is very not New York. So close, and yet so very different. We went on a walk to the beach, which is kind of weird when it’s cold out and you’re all bundled up. Still, it was pretty. And we got driven around in a car that was not a taxi. And there was space. Lots of space.

But now the turkey high has subsided and I’m back in New York getting ready for finals. Sad.


happy thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Yum yum, turkey time! I’m actually at a friend’s house in Connecticut, and I’m going to experience my first ever truly American Thanksgiving. Excitingness. Sure I’ve had the turkey and the mashed potatoes before, but in a Chinese household … Thanksgiving isn’t very traditional … and sometimes includes duck instead of turkey. Heh.

111123 thanks

I hope everyone has a good holiday! Don’t eat too too much! And try not to get trampled tomorrow, okay?

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]