adding it to the list: pho real


One evening I was walking around French Concession (Xuhui District), which isn’t somewhere I frequent, and out of the corner of my eye I see this restaurant: Pho Real. Ha! Love it.

I can’t speak for the food because I haven’t had the chance to go back and try it, but with a name like that, it’s gotta be awesome, right? I developed a taste for Vietnamese food in college because there was a pho place on the southern part of the Drag in Austin that was a short walk from our architecture studio. But my love affair really got serious in New York. There were two places in Chinatown we ventured to way too often (Pho Bang and Pho Grand), and it’s there where I discovered that pho with spring rolls is (as my NoCal friend would say) the bomb, and summer rolls and peanut sauce are delish as well.

One of Shanghai’s advantages that most foreigners mention is the variety of food options available, especially in the expat-heavy French Concession area. The reviews of Pho Real seem decent enough so I’ll definitely have to try it sometime. It’s a chain with three locations in Shanghai, but they’re all called Pho Real. If I was in charge, there’d be Pho Real, Pho Sho, and Pho Shizzle.

summer rolls

I’ve eaten summer rolls before, but I’d never made them before. Now I’m just like … why the hell have I been spending so much on something so easy to make?!? All you need are rice paper wraps, lettuce, beef, red lettuce, cilantro, carrots, (Chinese) vermicelli, and hoisin sauce. Dip rice paper wrap in a bowl of water, pile on ingredients, squirt some sauce on there, wrap it like a burrito (the rice paper even sticks to itself!), and shove summer roll into mouth. Repeat. The end.

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tuesday – yet not at the camh

I used to work every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday … but it’s Tuesday and I ain’t at work! I worked at the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston (CAMH) in its curatorial department, and it was an amazing experience. Last Thursday was my last day, so I’m going to toot my own horn a bit … because I can! I was an amazing intern. Truly, I was.


[NOTE: This image is a scan and not mine. Purposefully low quality.]

One of the other interns recently created a Tumblr page for the museum and one of the posts featured my work on Issuu! Not my work as in work I created, but my work as in the results of over two months of work I did scanning, cropping, optimizing, and uploading a whole bunch of old exhibition catalogs! Yeah, that was validating. I think I was a tad overqualified for the position. I also scanned a whole bunch of old photos which will be uploaded to the website by whatever intern replaces me. Ah, I’ll miss the scanner. I spent a good amount of time with that thing.

If you’re in Houston, go visit the Contemporary Arts Museum (always free!). The current exhibit is trippy. Then grab some lunch at the food truck in the parking lot of the Museum of Fine Arts. My favorites are Phamily Bites (the Vietnamese eggrolls or pork sandwich) on Tuesdays and Creole2Geaux (catfish po boy) on Wednesdays. Yum. And yes, there are a lot of links in this post. Au revoir, CAMH!