yellow tail … gotta love screw top wines!

Alors, I’ve been a not-very-frequently-posting blogger lately, but I have a somewhat decent explanation for it. A large part of it has to do with me being busy, but another large part of it has to do with why I love Yellow Tail wine. First of all because it’s darn good (it’s always been my go-to brand). And it’s decently cheap by China standards (over twice what I used to pay in the States but still within reasonable limits). But also because it has screw top … which makes it easy to open if you’ve taken to wearing a splint on your left wrist … which I have.

Yay for carpal tunnel syndrome? Le sigh. I guess I type too much? Yay for the screw top!


I’m actually supposed to wear splints on both wrists. Yeah, take a moment to consider how much suck-age that is. But since it’s insanely hard to hold a pen or do anything with my right (dominant) hand while wearing the splint, I just … kinda … don’t wear it. (Don’t tell my doctor, he’d make a frowny face.)

Oh, and if you’ve dissected the above picture, then yes, I like white wine (Chardonnay this time though I generally prefer Sauvignon blanc) and I drink it out of a normal cup because I don’t own wine glasses and don’t feel like buying any. Is it really necessary to have specialized vessels for different liquids? I never quite understood that.

worst long-haul flight ever

I was really excited about coming to China, and it really could be an amazing experience. But that voice in my head that’s saying “You’re an idiot” just keeps getting louder. I’m not extremely superstitious, but I am somewhat. So when I got sick on my flight from the States to China, I took that as a bad omen of things to come. And now I’m really hoping I haven’t made a huge mistake.

For perspective, my stomach is practically made of steel. I rarely throw up. I never got food poisoning in China. Or India. I’ve done long-hauls before. When I came to China a few years ago, it was my first solo long-haul and I had a middle seat. I survived that. But this time … not good. This time was also my first long-haul with American Airlines. Never again. Between the crappy food (worse than even United’s meager offerings), extremely lackluster film selection (seriously, they had maybe three watchable films on the smallest of screens), my own nerves, and the sheer uncomfortableness of the seats … I could barely sleep. And so, feeling absolutely miserable and exhausted, I got sick. So sick, I actually started crying. It was that bad. One of the other passengers I passed on the way to the back of the plane was really concerned and really freaked out.


One redeeming quality of AA? Mini bottles of wine. At the back of the plane, I stopped by and asked the flight attendants for some wine. With me looking like absolute hell, they handed me two bottles and one commented that she was surprised more people weren’t drinking, because “It’s the only way to get through these flights.” Sigh.

Moral of the story: Avoid American Airlines. But if you must fly AA for a long-haul, take advantage of the wine.