christmas season? begin!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well, not really. But some decorations have started to go up! Christmas isn’t really celebrated in China because there’s not much of a history of Christianity in China. Most people don’t adhere to any religion due to the impact of communism, and though some people follow Buddhist philosophies, organized religions aren’t well accepted in the culture. But I LOVE Christmas.


And every evening when I walk out of the subway, I get greeted by a tree! And reindeer! Aw, how nice. It’s a little gaudy and it looks out of place in the basement of a mall, next to a supermarket, at a subway exit. Eh. But it’s Christmas! Well, I guess Thanksgiving has to come first, but that’s an American-only deal so there’s no sign of turkeys anywhere. Sigh … Happy Turkey Day!

is it xmas yet?

No real post today. A few days until Christmas … yay! Unfortunately, I will be attending class on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve! No holiday here. Below are three photos of Christmas trees from around Shanghai … and they’re doozies.


1. From the department store next to the Jing’an Temple. Gaudy yet fairly normal. But Santa Dwarves? And what’s with the fleur de lys instead of a star/angel? And there were SIX of these trees right near each other – overkill.


2. Right by the Jing’an Temple. I don’t understand. It looks like it’s made out of paper … maybe it is. And why did thy turn it into a house? The thing has a door and windows … I just don’t get it.


3. In front of Plaza 66, a high-end department store on Nanjing Xi Lu. The building was designed by KPF, so it’s all glass and modern. The tree is whitish and furry with some shiny things on it. I guess it’s fitting?