i give you a spork. deal with it.


Were hoping for something more profound? Since I haven’t posted in a helluva long time, one might expect my return to blogging to be some epiphany or something impressively revelatory. Sorry, but no. Instead, I offer you a picture of a spork.

You wanna know why? Well, you know how there are forks in the road? Well, my life is like a spork right now. There are new paths and opportunities and challenges in front of me, but the tines aren’t really that far apart and they aren’t really proper tines anyhow (oh plastic spork!), so even though things will soon be changing massively (from spoon to fork!), it doesn’t seem that big a deal (just a simple ol’ spork). The spork is actually a kinda amazing utensil even though it’s often derided as a silly little thing. It’s kinda like a fork, kinda like a spoon, kinda ridiculous, kinda hard to eat with, but still super useful and kinda clever. Why have two utensils when you can have one?

I hope this post has enlightened you. I doubt it, but whatever.