back in shangers

Whew! Finally back in Shanghai after about a week and half of traveling. Went to Zhuhai, Macau, Hong Kong, then Shenzhen. Overall it was a really fun experience and though it’s nice to be back in Shanghai, I wish I could have stayed in Hong Kong longer. School is going to be starting up soon and I have a list of stuff I need to get done/figure out. I also have a million pictures that I need to go through and share. But let’s start with one of my favorite places. Not located on any tourist map, we wandered upon this deserted little playground in Macau. The colors and shapes were beautiful, and the graffiti and emptiness made it so intriguing to me.


it is so, so loud

It is just past midnight, making it the 5th day of the Chinese New Year. Why is that significant? Because it sounds like a war-zone outside. Seriously. The Chinese LOVE their fireworks, and since the fifth day has some significance about a god of wealth or what-not, tonight fireworks are meant to attract him. And what do Chinese people love more than fireworks? That’s it, ladies and gentlemen, MONEY.

I am literally watching at least eight different fireworks shows – simultaneously. On my balcony it smells like smoke and it’s deafening. So awesome, so loud. But since I’m leaving early in the morning for some traveling (got to catch a flight) I’m wondering just how long this is going to go for. Because really … it would be impossible to sleep through this.


hoppity hop!

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the rabbit as of today (February 3), the first day of the Chinese new year. Basically I’ve been eating a bunch (dinners with the extended family), in accordance with tradition. Shanghai’s emptied out quite a bit with so many people having gone to their hometowns or traveling, so streets are quiet and many stores and restaurants are closed.

Last night there were a bunch of fireworks. Today there were also fireworks, and the next few days will also have fireworks. Some of the fireworks were really, really close. Below is a picture of the fireworks that my apartment complex had set off. Standing on my balcony, they were like … RIGHT THERE. Ridiculously close but pretty darn cool.